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Become an Artist

1 / Register.

2 / Upload 5 samples of your work. Up to 3 days, administrators will review your application for membership. Please forgive us for this process but we want to avoid any work that would not be in accordance with the ethics of the site. 

3 / Once accepted you will be able to upload and start selling your photos.  

4 / Photos should be low resolution. This is to ensure that we will not be able to sell a photo without first receiving your consent and an usable file. 

5 / It is desirable that you indicated the maximum size that your picture can be printed. This will help many customers to select a correct printable size. 

6 / Registration is free. No fees will be asked you to expose, offer for sale, print, frame or ship your photos.

7/ Your earnings will be 15% off the selling price of all the print of your photo and 50% of all of your electronic files. If a print or an electronic file is sold several times your commissions will be cumulated.

8/ The calculation of selling price:

-          A printed photo will be calculated according to the support and the size selected by the client.

-          An electronic file will be calculated as follows:

o   When you upload a photo you can precise that your electronic file is not for sell or set a basic price for an electronic file of size A4 (21x29.7 cm). This will automatically calculate the  selling price of files more large: like A3, A2 and A1.  Beyond A1 the price of the file will be discussed with you before accepting the sale.

o   For example you decide that the base A4 file should be 20 US$.

             Size           cm                      Selling price        your commission

             A4           21 x 29.7                    20 US$                10 US$

             A3           29.7 x 42                    40 US$                20 US$

             A2           42 x 59.4                    80 US$                40 US$

             A1           59.4 x 84                  160 US$                80 US$

9/ Important note: you remain the sole owner of your photos, except in the case of sale of an electronic file picture. In case of sale to a company and for a commercial purpose your agreement will be previously necessary and the amount of your compensation redefined with you.